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NEWSLETTER - DECEMBER 2018 (Issue: 004)
Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited, is a group of Rahul Brothers® company, mainly deals with Branded Electrical Goods for all types of Industries, Builders, Contractors & End users across the state of Tamilnadu.

Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electrical Private Limited offer an effective range of Branded Electrical Products for Industrial Applications of corporate companies such as KEI Industrial Wires, Polycab Cables & Accessories, ABB Switchgear Products, Indo Asian MCBs & Accessories, All types of Panel Accessories etc. for its customers in Coimbotore & spread across the State of Tamilnadu.


Established in the year 2014, started by Mr. Rahul Vora, Director, Bengaluru Office, and Mr. Paras Mehta who is young, dynamic and decision taker is a business partner in Coimbatore Branch activities of Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited. Mr. Paras Mehta is highly experienced, with all essential business skills, having thorough knowledge of Industrial Electrical Products and has learning abilities for new technologies. Mr. Paras Mehta is one of the original founding members of Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch, with his dedication, passion and commitment towards work, the company business has grown rapidly and spread across the state of Tamilnadu.


Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch business activities made us one of the most advance and organized establishment and leading Branded Electrical Products Distributor for Industrial Applications among local Electrical trade community.

Authorised Distributors: Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch is Authorised Distributors for: KEI Industrial Cables & Wires, Control Cables, House Wires, Single / Multicore Flexible Cables, Instrumentation Cables, Polycab Industrial Wires & Cables, Winding Wires, Stainless Steel Wires, Electric Fans, Switches & Switchgears, Solar Products, Lightings & Luminaires, Conduits and Accessories, ABB MCBs, MCCBs, RCCBs, Distribution Box, Indo Asian MCBs, DBs, Fusegear Products, Hex Cable Lugs & Glands, HMI Cable Glands, Promptec Street Light Fittings etc.

Our Customers: Few of our numerous customers include - Sobha Ltd, Puravankara Builders, Casa Grande LLP, Sree Daksha Property Developer, JMC, Taj Vivanta, Blue Star etc.

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  • KEI Industrial Cables & Wires - High Voltage / Low Voltage / Extra High Voltages Cables, Control Cables, House Wires etc.
  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch Staff Members details: Ms. Sindhu - Takes care of Accounts & Logistics. Mr. Nainesh & Mr. Balakrishnan - Takes care of Sales & Marketing. Mr. Paras Mehta - Takes care of Business Development. Mr. Rahul Vora, Director, Bangalore Office - Founding Member of Combatore Barach, Mr. Jatin Vora & Mr. Nayan Vora, both Directors, Mumbai Office are very much supportive in business expansion.
  • KEI Industrial Cables & Wires Thermocouple Extension / Compensating, Solar Cables, Rubber Cables, Fire Survival / Resistant Cables etc.
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  • Polycab Industrial Cables & Wires FR PVC Insulated Unsheathed Industrial Cables, Frame Retardant Single Core Copper Cables, 3-Core Submersible Flat Cables etc.

  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch employees are the top reason for a praise for their improve engagement & boost productivity in workplace, which results in success of the company's rapid growth. Our employees are innovative, resourceful, and unique, capable of accepting and executing challenging works and assignments and providing effective solutions to customers within time frame.
  • HEX / HMI Cable Lugs & Cable Glands Cable Accessories and Connectors, Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends, Brass / Single / Double Compression Cable Glands & Accessories etc.

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  • ABB Switches and Switchgears MCBs for overload or a short-circuit, RCCB for earth leakage current and disconnected load, RCBO for protect against overload or short circuit on a particular circuit etc.

  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Coimbatore Branch is one of the leader in Brands & Technologies - Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. It captures our aspiration of being in everything we do. It is the basis for what we all stand for as one company. Our vision and our values guide the choices and decisions our employees make every day.
  • Indo Asian DBs, Fusegears Circuit Breakers & Fuses, Contractors and Timers, Switching Devices, Distribution Systems, Switches and Sockets etc.

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    Casa Grande Sree Dhaksha Taj Vivant Blue Star Salarpuria Purvankara JMC Sowparnika Builders principal-Neptune

    We are proud to be associated with M/s Rahul Brothers,® Bangalore. This is a professional organization. The entire team in the company are aggressive, positive & co-operative and are aware of the concerned subject. Their approach to customers is superb & have maintained a good relation with their best services. The transactions are crystal clear & we love to have a long business relation. We wish them BEST OF LUCK & PROSPEROUS FUTURE.

    Mr. NK Narasimha Swamy
    Neptune (India) Limited

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