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NEWSLETTER - JANUARY 2019 (Issue: 005)
Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited, is a group of Rahul Brothers® company, mainly deals with Branded Electrical Goods for all types of Industries, Software Companies, Sugar Mills, Educational Institutions, & State Govt. Owned Organizations and End Users across North Karnataka.

Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited offer state-of-the-art Branded Electrical Products for Commercial & Domestic Purposes of international reputed firms such as HPL and ABB Switchgear Products, Havells Lighting & Home Appliances, Polycab Cables & Accessories, Surya Roshni Lightings, HEX Lugs & Cable Ties etc. for its customers in Hubballi (then Hubli) and surrounding districts of North Karnataka.

ABOUT Rahul Brothers® HUBLI

Established in the year 2007 as Rahul Brothers® Branch Office, later in 2017 merged with Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited, Hubli Office is founded by Mr. Rahul Vora, Director, Bengaluru Office, and Mr. TB Jadhav. Mr. TB Jadhav has vast experience in Electrical Business field for more than 22 Years. The company also entered into Retail Business in 2013 by opening Havells Galaxy an exclusive showroom which mainly deals with Havells Electrical Consumable Items & Home Appliances.


Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Hubli Branch is the only branch of Rahul Brothers® group to have Retail Business Showroom (Havells Galaxy) to reach end users directly. The branch also mainly specialised in dealing with Cables, Lighting, and Switchgears.

Authorised Distributors: Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Hubli Branch is Authorised Distributors for: HPL Switchgears, Havells Lighting & Home Appliances, Surya Roshni Lightings, ABB Switchgears, Polycab Cables, HEX Lugs & Cable Ties etc.

Our Customers: Few of our numerous customers include - Roquette Riddhi Shiddi Pvt Ltd, Nandu Chemicals Pvt Ltd, SDM College of Medical Science and Hospitals, Innovative Telecom and Software Ltd, Drepung Loseling Society-Mundgod, Cormendal International Ltd, Karnataka Milk Federation, Belgaum Sugars Ltd, Satish Sugars Ltd, Shamnur Sugars Ltd etc.

UPCOMING NEWSLETTER - Introducing - HELLO from Rahul Brothers® - FEBRUARY 2019 ISSUE
HELLO from Rahul Brothers
  • HPL Switchgears - Industrial Products, Air Circuit Breakers (ACB), MCCBs, Changeover Switches, Controlgears, Fusegears, Isolators, Domestic Products, Premium Range (Osafe), MCBs, Distribution Boards, RCCBs, MCB Changeover, ACCL 1 / 2 Phase, Oprotect etc.

  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Hubli Branch Staff Members details: Mr. TB Jadhav - Co-Founder, having experience in Electrical Business field for more than 22 Years. Mr. Raghavendra - having Knowledge & Experience in Electrical Products. Ms. Savitri - Takes care of Accounts. Mr. Deepak With sound Technical Knowledge and good Marketing Skills, takes care of Business Development. Mr. Fakiresh (Support Staff), Mr. Prakash (Support Staff), Mr. Patil (Support Staff). Mr. Rahul Vora, Director, Bangalore Office - Founding Member of Hubli Barach, Mr. Jatin Vora & Mr. Nayan Vora, both Directors, Mumbai Office are Directors & Business Partners of the branch.
  • Havells Wires & Cables - Switchgears, Switches, MCBs, Lightings, LED Lightings, Fans, Geysers, Air Coolers and Home Appliances etc.

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  • Polycab Industrial Cables - FR PVC Insulated Unsheathed Industrial Cables, Frame Retardant Single Core Copper Cables, 3-Core Submersible Flat Cables etc.

  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Hubli Branch employees are good at presenting and natural with our customers. Our employees are with growth mindset and strong belief in their skills and abilities, determined by opportunities for growth at work, capable of handling key works mostly by their natural talent and intelligence. We give our employees enough space for growth to prove themselves worthy and to be career self-reliant. Our employees have been regularly trained for the latest technologies to keep the pace and customers demand intact which make us one of the current and future successful organization.
  • HEX Cable Lugs & Cable Ties - Cable Accessories and Connectors, Crimping Type Copper Tubular Cable Terminal Ends, Stainless Steel Cable Ties, Reusable Cable Ties, Heavy Duty Cable Ties, Colourd Cable Ties etc.

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  • ABB Switchgears - MCBs for overload or a short-circuit, RCCB for earth leakage current and disconnected load, RCBO for protect against overload or short circuit on a particular circuit etc.

  • product Rahul Brothers® Industrial Electricals Private Limited Hubli Branch is an expansion of Rahul Brothers® group business. Our close relations with the customers enable us to gain an insight into the business and working conditions. Cooperation with principal organizations support our efforts to achieve the best product quality and suitable living conditions for our customers. It is our attention to detail that gives Rahul Brothers® the ability to pass-on attractive prices to our valued customers.
  • Surya Roshni Lighting - Neo Plus LED Lamps Range: 3W to 12W, G Panel (Round/Square) Ultra slim edgelit downlighter, Range: 6W to 24W, Eco LED Lamps, Champion LED Tubes etc.

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    Roquette Riddhi Shiddi Nandu Chemicals SMD College Innovative Telecom Coromandel KMF Nandini principal-Hoods

    We have been working with Rahul Brothers,® for more than 5 years and Mr. Jatin's honest and straight forward attitude of doing business perfectly complement our work culture.

    Mr. Ravi Surana
    Hoods Corporation

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    Mon - Fri: 10:30 AM - 7:00 PM
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    Rahul Brothers (Bangalore) branch office remain closed on Every Month 2nd Saturday. All other branch offices remain open and works full day.

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