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Newsletter - July 2020 (Issue: 023)
Rahul Brothers® is one of the leading authorized distributor for Branded Electrical Products across the nation, mainly in western Indian state of Maharashtra & Southern Indian States of Karnataka & Tamil Nadu. Rahul Brothers® international reputed channel partners are spread across the globe offer wide range of Branded Electrical Products to our customers.

Though Rahul Brothers® Bengaluru office remain closed for 2-weeks due to Covid-19 red alert and will reopen on 2nd week of July 2020, other South Indian Business Centers like Hubballi & Coimbatore are open and actively doing business as per govt's latest unlock-2 guidelines.

The following popular Branded Electrical Products from Polycab and Havells are some of the best picks from Rahul Brothers® Business Centers - Mumbai, Bengaluru, Coimbatore, Hubballi & Vashi. Interested customers may please call: +91-93431 99951 for more details.

Rahul Brothers® offer wide range of Cables & Wires. Few of them are listed as follows.

Polycab Wires & Industrial Cables

Polycab Products - Features

  • UPVC FRLS Conduits & Pipes - Made only from the highest grade of waterproof and fire-resistant polymers these are absolutely essential for protecting electrical wires and ensuring greater safety to every electrical circuit.
  • FR/FRLS Domestic & Industrial Cables & Wires - Energy Efficient wires range 0.50 SQ.MM to 1000 SO.MM in lass 5 copper conductors with different insulation properties.
  • Switchgears & Switch Accessories - Polycab MCBs and RCCBs Features - Made with the highest quality Nylon, Positive contact position indication, Attractive label holder, Large & dual terminating terminal size, Bi-stable din clip position, Air Circulation, Ease of clamping, Energy limiting class-3, Enhanced safety, high quality contact tips, Aesthetically designed with safety & Energy saver.
  • Rahul Brothers® offer wide range of Havells Lighting. Few of them are listed as follows.

    Havells Consumer Lighting

    Havells Consumer Lighting - Features

  • LED Recess Panels - for False Ceiling
  • LED Surface Panels - for Homes
  • LED Spotlight - Low Wattage Led Spotlights for Multiple Applications.
  • LED COB - LED COB Downlighters for your Modern Decor.
  • Downlighter - Wide Range of LED Downlighters for Multiple Applications at your Home.
  • LED Lamps - High-quality, energy efficient LED lamps ensuring environment friendly features with cost saving features.
  • Portable Lighting - New range of Rechargeable Portable Lightings that comes with the best in class LED and advanced battery life.
  • Home Art Lighting - Home Art Lights serve to uplift the decor of any room they are placed in.
  • We insist avoid visit and communicate through audio / video call or email.


    Adharing to all the precautionary health & safety measures, Rahul Brothers® assure the wellbeing of all our employees, customers and partners. We are in this together.

    Fight against Coronavirus
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