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Company Name: HMI

We appreciate the professionalism of Rahul Brothers® and the customer service too. We have worked with you for two decades and looks like we will continue with you for a long time.

Company Name: HOODS

We have been working with Rahul Brothers® for more than 5 years and Mr. Jatin's honest and straight forward attitude of doing business perfectly complement our work culture.
Mr. Ravi Surana, Hoods Corporation

Company Name: MENNEKES

Rahul Brothers® is an old "Electrical Business Entity" with a wide network and good customers. Their sense of belonging and integrity is worthy of appreciation. In their line of business, if they can fulfill any customers' requirements, they would go all out without compromise and ensure customer is satisfied.
Mr. Vinod Kumar, Mennekes Electric India

Company Name: NEPTUNE

We are proud to be associated with M/s. Rahul Brothers®, Bangalore. This is a professional organization. The entire team in the company are aggressive, positive & co-operative and are aware of the concerned subject. Their approach to customers is superb & have maintained a good relation with their best services. The transactions are crystal clear & we love to have a long business relation. We wish them BEST OF LUCK & PROSPEROUS FUTURE.
Mr. NK Narasimha Swamy, Neptune (India) Limited